You Are Enough!

Greetings Sister,

I want to encourage you today. 

The holidays tend to hit everyone differently. Some see it as a joyful time of year. Others see it as a time of sorrow and a reminder of what they don't have. 
Instead of worrying and being fearful. Focus on what you did accomplish this year. Focus on the good times and everything you overcame. 

Your task as a mother is not an easy one. There is no reason to go and add on more burdens and fears.

Remember this as we close out this year.

- I made it this far and there is more to come.
- My children are healthy and they have what they need.
- My finances are increasing.
- I am doing an amazing job with what I have currently.
- My goals and dreams are not dead. 
- I will plan NOW for my future. 
- I can actually start today and work towards my goals for 2022.
- I am becoming the best version of me.
- My friendships and relationships are thriving.
- All the help I need is on the way. 
- My children will prosper in all they do.
- My children will have everything they need and more. 
- I'm healed from hurt and trauma from my past. 

Sometimes our situations don't  look like they are changing. 
Believe me they are.
Once you see the life you desire for your family and begin to take the steps towards that vision it all comes together gradually.

I have faith that you are getting better every single day.
You are equipped to make massive changes in your life.




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